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Advent Consulting was engaged to provide Civil and Structural engineering services for the 54 Lot Residential subdivision. Being a sensitive site, Advent’s designs had to be approved by several organisations like the local council, three of the council’s approved peer reviewers, the Road and Maritime Services (RMS), the Office of water as well as independent peer reviewers appointed by the neighbouring community.

Being a slip affected site with a steep gradient, Advent’s challenge was to provide cost effective design solutions for the remediation of the slip, the design of the stormwater pipes with steep grades and the road designs.  Adopting a “Big Dig” design methodology, Advent designed the sub surface drainage to compliment the Stormwater and Civil  design for the subdivision achieving highly optimised designs which were cost effective.

Advent’s scope also included the design of almost half a kilometre long piled retaining wall to support the very busy Old Northern Road while the big dig was undertaken to depths over 10 metres.


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